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Women and Child Development Department – Gujarat State Portal: Guidelines for legal/financial assistance to Indian women deserted by their … “ICDS program planning list for the month of April for Vande Gujarat channel”.

Children Development

Integrated Child Development Services – ICDS
Vision & Goals VISIONUniversalization of the integrated Child Development Service (ICDS), steps taken to improve it qualitatively GOALGovernment of Gujarat has decided the 151 days goal under banner of “Developing Gujarat (Gatisheel Gujarat)”, and following are the short time (151 days) goals decided for ICDS Scheme-1Referral and treatment of essential severe underweight children from all Anganwadi Center through the Child Medical Treatment Center (CMTC).2Medical check-up of all underweight children of Anganwadi Centers.3Organizing Nutrition Awareness Campaign Week (PoshanJagrutiSaptah) at all villages.4.Capacity building of all Sakhi-Saheli from Anganwadi under SABLA Scheme (in selected 9 SABLA districts).5Ensure intake of IFA Tablets to all essential Adolescent Girls.6Distribution of Flavored milk to 11.65 lakh children from the tribal area of 83 tribal blocks of 14 Tribal districts and 11 Vikas Sheel Talukas  under DoodhSanjeevaniYojana.
Women & Child Development Department
Block No. 9, 6th Floor,
New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.
government gujarat gandhinagar
SecretaryPhone No.079-232-54822,
Shri. Shyamkumar Bhonsle
Private SecretaryPhone No.079-232-54822,
Fax No. 079-232-54823Shri Y. J. Bihola,
Personal Private SecretaryPhone No.079-232-54822Smt. Hansaben Majiyatar,
Joint Secretary ( W.W.)Phone No.079-232-58811Shri R M Chhatrapati,
Deputy Secretary (ICDS, Estt & Inquiry)Phone No.079-232-54260,
Fax No. 079-232-52251Ku. K G Parikh,
Deputy Secretary (Budget)Phone No.079-232-54821Ms. Gargi Jain (I.A.S),
Deputy Secretary (Coordination)Phone No. 079-232-54686Smt. Ankita Christian,
Under Secretary(ICDS Scheme & Inquiry)Phone No. 079-232-54824Shri. Narpatsinh Surpabhai Vasava
Under Secretary (W.W. & Budget)Phone No. 079-232-58631Smt. Manisha Patel,
Under Secretary ICDS (Estt.) & Local Estt.Phone No. 079-232-58813Shri. Jayshree P. Vasava
Under Secretary (Coordination)Phone No. 079-232-54686Shri. Raj Namera
Section Officer (A – Woman Welfare – Branch)Phone No. 079-232-54868Shri. Satish Patel
Section Officer (B – ICDS – Branch)Phone No. 079-232-54869Shri. Gopalsinh Yadav
Section Officer (B1 – ICDS – Branch)Phone No. 079-232-54869Shri. H. C. Patel
Section Officer (D – Co-ordination – Branch)Phone No. 079-232-54686Shri. Tirthkumar Patel
Section Officer (E – Budget – Branch)Phone No. 079-232-57685Shri. Jivraj T. Bandhaniya
Section Officer (G – Inquiry – Branch)Phone No. 079-232-55979Shri. Ashwin B. Brahmbhatt
Section Officer (K – Establishment – Branch)Phone No. 079-232-54867


Ms. Manisha Chandra (I.A.S),
Commissioner, Women and Child Development DepartmentBlock No. 20, Dr. Jeevraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar.
Phone No.079-232-51710Shri Sanjay B. Bhonsle,
Private Secretary079-232-51710,
Fax No.079-232-53309Shri. Ashok Sharma (I.A.S),
Director, ICDSBlock No. 20, Dr. Jeevraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar.
Phone No.079-232-53305Smt. Gayatriben Jani,
Personal Assistant To Director, ICDSPhone No.079-232-53305,
Fax No. 079-232-53308Ms. Manisha Chandra, (I.A.S)
Managing Director, Gujarat Women Economic Development CorporationUdyog Bhavan,Block No. 8, 8th Floor, Sector 11, Gandhinagar.
Phone No.079-232-30385Smt. Anjana Patel,
General Manager, Gujarat Women Economic Development CorporationUdyog Bhavan,Block No. 8, 8th Floor, Sector 11, Gandhinagar.
Phone No. 079-232-30723Smt. S. A. Patel,
Secretary, Gujarat State Social Welfare Board21, Ashoknagar Sociaty, Near Bhaththa, Sarkhej Road, Ahmedabad.
Phone No.079-266-20364, Fax No.079-266-21301Smt. Veenaben Patel,
Member Secretary, State Women CommissionBlock No. 6, 2nd Floor, Dr. Jeevraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar
Phone No.079-232-51604Shri R. D. Bhatt,
Director, Gender Resource CenterBlock no. 1, Polytechnic Campus, Aambavadi, Ahmedabad
Phone No.079-263-01043Shri R. D. Bhatt,
Additional Commissioner, & Monitoring officer, Mahila WingBlock No. 20, Ground floor, Dr. Jeevraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar.
Phone No.079-232-55784,Fax No.079-232-51716

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Official Website of Women Department Government of Gujarat Click here – https://wcd.gujarat.gov.in/


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