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If you see these 3 on Saturday, then luck is going to shine – Today Latest Chankya Nity Blog in Google News – Chankya Niti in Hindi

Chankya Niti in Hindi: There are many types of fears and misconceptions on Saturday. But do you know that when Shanidev is a benefactor, then he sends a signal to you. We do not recognize them in Nadani. Let us know what can be seen on Saturday morning so that we can assume that the grace of Saturn is going to rain.


If a beggar or poor person comes in front of your door or in front of you on Saturday morning, it will be considered a very auspicious sign. But if you scolded them in Nadani, then understand the wrath of Shanidev is going to rain on you.

Cleaners / Workers

If you see a cleaning worker on Saturday morning or if you see someone sweeping, then it is also considered a very good sign. Always give them a cloth or a few rupees. This is a sign that the work for which you are going out of the house is going to be successful.

Black dogs

The black dog is considered to be the vehicle of Shani Dev, if you see a black dog coming out of the house on Saturday, then Shani Dev will help you in perfecting your work. Feed black dogs with ghee bread.

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